Our Repair Service offers a range of tested precision replacement parts for rigid and flexible endoscopes. We make high demands on replacement parts, and therefore constantly strive to develop new and improved solutions. The resultant technological advancements benefit our customers and enable them to set themselves apart from their competitors. Incorrect replacement parts or poor workmanship can quickly lead to a considerable hole in your pocket. Sensitive areas such as control systems or electronics in particular require extensive specialist expertise and the appropriate equipment – and this is where we come in. It is our pleasure to provide you with all the professional guidance you need when selecting replacement parts.


We manufacture apparatus and equipment which not only facilitates the execution of required work processes, but also ensures the quality thereof. The right apparatus can also play an indispensable role in the simplification of specific procedures, thus delivering time and cost savings (process optimization).


We offer a wide variety of lenses, objectives, prisms and optical assemblies for rigid and flexible endoscopes. Our huge range of high-end optical components is expanded on a continuous basis. In particular, our specialist expertise enables us to offer innovative solutions in the fields of sapphire soldering technology, gold soldering, precision mechanics, micromechanics and electronics.


EMOS Technology is an ideal development partner for your products. We manufacture products using your designs and with your label.